2015 New Year Greetings

LuckySheep (幸運のヒツジ)


This is 2015 New Year Greeting presented by Yengawa Systems. If you have a Minecraft for PC, you can install this mod and actually use it.


LuckySheep Mod

LuckySheep Mod brings a new animal, LuckySheep, in Minecraft. This mod is on Minecraft forge, so you should install forge(Minecraft Forge Downloads) in your Minecraft.

You can craft a LuckySheep Egg from a dirt.
The egg spawn a golden LuckySheep if you have lucky.
You can shear the LuckySheep to get Golden Apples.


[forge-1.7.10] luckysheep-1.0-1.7.10-forge.jar

[forge-1.7.2] luckysheep-1.0-1.7.2-forge.jar

Introduction to use of LuckySheep Mod is here.