ScratchConnect Etoys

I registered a new project 'Scratch Connect' on the SqueakSource. is a package to connect Etoys and Scratch via Scratch Remote Sensor Protocol ( ).

Scratch Connect Morph

Scratch Connect Morph


  1. Make the Scratch Remote Sensor ON.
  2. Open the parts-bin and draw a 'Scratch Client' out on the world.
  3. Double click the client morph to connect. It will open its eyes when it connected to a Scratch.

Here is a demonstration.

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How to Program with ScratchConnect Etoys

ScratchConnect Etoys PDF



Receive Message from Scratch

Global Variable

Received variable names via sensor-update message are added as variables of ScratchClient then put the values on that. 

When the value of a variable was changed, an Etoys-event named the name of variable is fired. 


Broadcast messages are sent as Etoys-event named the name of the message. 

Send Message to Scratch

Sensor Value

Send the value of "sensor-update" (like 'umdate light') by the tile scripts of a ScratchClientMorph. 


Send "sensor-update" message by executing the 'sensor update("name" value)' tile in ScratchClientMorph. 

Scratch makes a new "name" varialble in its sensor list. 


Send "broadcast" message by executing 'broadcast(abc)' tile in the ScratchClientMorph. 

Scratch will broadcast 'abc' in that.